A New Year , A New Beginning


The dragonfly can represent a chance to reevaluate ourselves. If we can look around and really see what it is we want to accomplish, there is probably an answer as to what would be the best way to move forward.


Just try to look at things from different perspectives. Examine some things a little more closely. Try to see if there was something you may have missed. Maybe look at things you never before considered.

When something is iridescent, such as dragonfly’s wing’s and body, is the property of an object to show itself in different colors, depending on the angle and polarization of light falling on it. This property is seen and believed to be the end of one’s self created illusions and a clear vision into the realities of life. The magical properties of iridescence is also associated with the discovery of one’s own abilities by unmasking the real see and removing the doubts one casts on his or her own sense of identity.

We have to be optimistic about the coming year and believe in ourselves!


14 thoughts on “A New Year , A New Beginning

  1. Thanks for these great tips Rebecca! It is a time for new beginnings and your handy advice is going to help a lot of us for sure! When did you start getting curious about this very interesting topic?

    1. Hi Shaz! I have been intertwined with nature most of my life.Being part Native American, I have known that dragonflies have significance meaning for many years now. Things started changing in my life and I had really started noticing many dragonflies around me. It was only a matter of time, I think, before I figured out which direction I needed to follow.

  2. I need to see a dragonfly not seen one for a long time, what other good luck omens is there I can look out for, I do feel my life is in a much more positive place since I embraced spiritualism

    1. Hi Steven, dragonflies show up at the most unusual moments. There are other good luck omens to look out for, it depends on where in the world you live. Some of the items could be an little Buddha statue. Others believe that if you have an elephant picture or statue of some sort, this is supposed to be very good luck. Oh, the end of the elephant’s trunk must be turned upwards!
      Some believe jade to have a good luck aura around it. Of course, there is always the lucky four leaf clover! (Good luck finding that!)
      There are too many to name, but if you observe the world around you, something is sure to catch your eye!


  3. This is a beautiful take on a possibly cherished item. A new someone that is coming into my life right now believes strongly in the meaning of healing stones, and the meaning behind these stones are similar to the background of your dragonflies. The soothing sounds of your rhythmic writing is good, and your items are of value as they connect emotionally.

    Good job,
    Curtis J. Pratt

    1. Thank you Curtis! I have tried to bring a little of what I see in the dragonfly, to others. There are so many ways to express healing and new beginnings, one just has to look around. I appreciate the comment.


  4. hi Rebecca
    what a wonderful message the dragonfly has for us! One of new beginnings and transformation. It reminds me of the symbolism of the butterfly. Which also signifies a transformation. I have a butterfly tattooed for this reason and I am about to get a few more. Symbolizing new beginnings and a new start. Your reflection on iridescence was also great to read. The ability to change with the light, to reveal its true self. Great message for 2016.

  5. I am pleased to read this article. I didnt know that seeing a dragonfly has a meaning in our life. It is beautiful to hear this. Maybe I will try to find one if i am lucky 🙂

    Just for you to know. One time when I saw the butterfly in the Philippines in my grandma’s house, my Aunt told me that in their culture, seeing a butterfly means that our love one’s are visiting us, They were referring my late grandfather, who passed away before. I dont know if it is true but as what other said, every culture’s is unique.

    1. Hello Saif,
      Yes, I have heard that about butterflies also. Wait until you see what some of the European countries have to say about the dragonfly. Soon to come! I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

  6. This really makes me think. I’m sure this summer, the next time I see a dragonfly I’ll think of your words and really look inward on myself and evaluate things. Their beauty really is more than their appearance. Beautiful post!

  7. Great post!!, and happy new year!! your totally right we have to be optimistic for the future and interesting idea about seeing a dragon fly and having a chance to reevaluate our life, got to admit, now when i see a dragon fly that will come into my head!!
    thanks Rebecca

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