Dragonfly Stories of Native Americans


The dragonfly has many myths and legends surrounding it all over the world. Here in the America’s, Native Americans have many different views on the dragonfly. Some believe it is a grantor of wishes, some believe they can foretell a storm coming if they are seen in swarms. Still there are other stories that refer to dragonflies as “dragon hawks”, because they dine on the annoying insects we know as mosquitoes. There is a myth that states the dragonfly is a “snake doctor”, because it can be seen sitting on top of snakes, appearing to heal or entrance the snake, this is a myth.
Many Native Americans also believe that the coming of the dragonfly in summer give ways to good harvesting. One Zuni Myth is about two children who were left behind by the villagers, who left, when the corn crops failed. The little boy constructed a toy dragonfly from corn husks to cheer up his sister. The dragonfly eventually came to life and appeased the corn maiden who created a bountiful corn harvest to welcome the villages back.



There are innumerable totems dedicated to the dragonfly by these cultures. Perhaps I am drawn to the dragonfly because of my heritage as part of my own Native American culture. My feelings to being drawn to nature, and the dragonfly, have always been very strong. The dragonfly is said to reflect feelings of change for a person. Maybe I have needed a change or enlightenment at sometime when the dragonfly has appeared in my life. Some may even say that there may need to be a new perspective taken on things.

6 thoughts on “Dragonfly Stories of Native Americans

  1. Thank you for such an interesting read about the dragonfly. I used to see lots of them around (in South Africa) but I haven’t seen any for a long time so I wonder if they are becoming endangered?
    I’ve never known much about them except that a lot of people think they can sting you which is utter rubbish I think they are beautiful creatures.

    1. Hi Lynn, I have travelled all over America and have travelled to the far east, including Japan. I have always had a fascination with the dragonfly and didn’t realize, until later in life, that so many others were also interested in them. It would seem that there are some species that are considered to be endangered in the UK, and possibly any area where the there has a decrease in bogs or wetlands, or an increase in salt water. Of course, we can always count on the use of pesticides and insecticides from farmlands to decrease their numbers also.

  2. I thought this was very interesting 🙂 I’m of native american descent and always love reading about some of their day to day activities or their beliefs, traditions, lifestyles, etc. It’s interesting too to see the difference in the beliefs the Native Americans had about dragonflies vs the beliefs of the Japanese. You’ve got a great start going here. 🙂

    1. Thanks Jessica, it is a beginning and I have a lot more information to give. The beliefs of other countries are so different, it is truly eye opening! Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Hi Lynn!

    I do not know much about Native Americans but they have obviously had time to be in contact with nature in order to observe and notice such delicate creatures like dragonfly. I have always noticed that native stories had some universal values, not meant to entertain only, but to remaind as well.

    Thanks for the intersting article, I like it!

    1. Thank you. I tried to bring some enlightenment regarding the dragonfly and Native American beliefs. They are highly regarded in their culture and are just great to observe in nature.

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